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See “Quick-Start” section as well as Examples in above link.

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org.ASUX - Summary

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The top-level command line for ASUX family. Currently supports:-


./asux yaml --read --yamlpath 'paths.*.(get|put|post).responses.200' -i ~/Documents/src/OAS3/test/my-petstore.yaml -o -

See lots more examples: and follow links in there!

The simplest and easiest way to get started?

STRONGLY RECOMMEND reading the Full details at

Note: This project *requires* 3 things for you to make it work:

It will be a long-long-long-time, before it will run as a downloadable-executable on a plain-vanilla Windows laptop.

Run each of the following 3 commands to get started!

  1. $ git clone
  2. $ cd org.ASUX
  3. $ asux

Node.js fans! Please see one additional step - on the Organization home web-site

The first time you run the `asux` command, it will automatically download everything (from that it needs!

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